Tumblr genuinely is younger than most other social platforms, and more diverse. A greater proportion of its users are people of colour than on any other major platform. Women users make up a higher percentage than anywhere else bar Pinterest. Teenagers over-index dramatically. And while Pew and other research agencies don’t tend to ask about sexuality or gender identification, LGBT visibility in Tumblr fandom is very high. What looks to dim outsiders as some kind of obsession with “social justice” often just springs from people talking about themselves, their lives and the shit that happens to them.

Just one of many excellent parts in this piece by Tom Ewing (which is only a little bit about Tumblr.)

(The piece is about Marvel fandom, though that’s not apparent from this quote.)

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This is exactly why people refer to Tumblr in dismissive tones, though. This is no accident. 

"Hysterical", "over-emotional", "irrational" means too many women

"obsessed with social justice" means too many POC, too many LGBTA, too many disabled/chronically ill people. Not just talking about their own lives, talking period, without being immediately silenced.

Makes some folks very uncomfortable.

It’s too blatant to even be a dogwhistle. 

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This is an extremely interesting insight, for me at least. And sheds some light on certain reactions to this blog both from the tumblr platform itself, and from other external websites. I wonder how medievalpoc and ideas about it are affected by overall perceptions about tumblr as a blogging platform, and the way its users are perceived. It lends some context to some of the assumptions people have made about my age, gender, race and *ahem* “relative credibility”.

Personally, I am in love with the interactive elements here.

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Limbaugh is right. Somebody did get to Pope Francis. It was Jesus. Self-styled “defenders of Christianity,” like Palin and Limbaugh, peddle a profoundly unhistorical view of Jesus. Indeed, if you listened to those on the far right you would think that all Jesus ever spoke about was guns and gays.




Anonymous: My parents raised me to be smart, kind, and to think for myself... so why are they so surprised that I learned to call them out on their obvious racism?


Who knows, dogg, who knows.


By the way, that goddamn wedding story is STILL on the Post home page and the longer it stays up the angrier I get about it. The comments have a bunch of people defending it say they’re “just trying to put a human face on this!” Because obviously sad, whiny middle class couple doesn’t get their dream wedding is way more poignant than people literally might die without access to basic human services, I guess.

dankghost asked: Yo I am really fucking tired of everyone posting “black on white violence” stories and being like “So that Trayvon case get’s national attention but THIS DOESN’T?!?!? Why because they’re WHITE?!?!?” I just. How do you do this man? How do you continually yell at people about their racism? I’ve reached the point where I just get mad depressed and angry but know that arguing with them for an hour is just going to make me MORE depressed. Give me some inspiration or some shit?


Yo, the answer is “because, if they could be caught, all those motherfuckers were at the very minimum arrested, you fucking racist idiot.”

PS. I actually think the focus on George Zimmerman is misplaced in this discussion, and I think that plays into the racist side’s hand. I think it’s hugely important, and getting largely swept under the rug, that it doesn’t actually matter whether or not George Zimmerman himself is racist. By doing so, and asking whether or not the murder was motivated by race, you’re overlooking the actual outrage: that the fucking cops didn’t even arrest him. The outrage isn’t (or shouldn’t primarily be) over whether or not he is or isn’t racist, or whether or not Trayvon was or wasn’t a good kid, it’s over the fact that, if George Zimmerman were Black or Trayvon Martin were White, the murderer George Zimmerman would have been arrested and would definitely have been at least charged with murder.

Overtime And Foxconn


Asking for more work means you’re really asking for more pay.

In the early 20th century, we scientifically determined that productivity drops pretty hard and fast over 40-odd hours a week. But this was a problem, because most pay was hourly and people needed to work long hours to make ends meet. The result was that unions negotiated to get more for less.

This morning, the media has reported on Foxconn workers asking for more overtime. It’s not because they want to work more, or because their employers do particularly well paying overtime to workers who’ve long since tired out. It’s because they need the money because their “normal time” is undercompensated - so much so that more pay during less-productive overtime hours still provides a marginal benefit to Foxconn.

In other words, the only companies who benefit from excessive overtime are companies that dramatically underpay workers. So if work hours are a problem, the actual problem is pay. Every time. And Foxconn does it because they know that overtime employees who need the money will paradoxically defend the overwork.

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Free Advice


Don’t complain about Women’s Day.

Your insightful critique is not. Women deserve a day of celebration as much as everyone else. No, there is no “white male college student postin’ on the tumblr” day, because that’s every single day. No, this is not unequal or “reverse sexism”.

Just…shh. For today. I know I sound condescending but I’m trying to help you, buds. Trust me on this one.

This has been a (don’t embarrass yourself in) public service announcement.

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'He encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women,' the third-year Georgetown University law student said on 'Andrea Mitchell Reports.' 'And what was really personal for me was he said to tell my parents they should be proud. And that meant a lot because Rush Limbaugh had questioned whether or not my family would be proud of me. I appreciated that very much.'

President Barack Obama called Sandra Fluke on Friday to express his concerns to the law student who was called a “slut” by Rush Limbaugh. POLITICO (via brooklynmutt)

Here’s a criterion I’m not sure other people are baking into the 2012 election nonsense: Would Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum call Sandra Fluke to encourage her even if Rush Limbaugh was responsible for irrationally attacking her? I say no. And before you ask “Would Obama call someone that Rachel Maddow called a slut?” you might want to consider if that’s something that would actually happen.

I’m not always sure if Barack Obama is a man of character. In fact, several of his actions or inactions have dissuaded me from believing that he is. There are lots of macro problems with policies enacted by this president, from tone-deaf drone jokes to tone-deaf doubling-down on occupations of the likes of Afghanistan. But every now and then, our President calls a college kid who got bullied by a jackass on national radio. That’s pretty fucking awesome.

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